These pieces include a range of decorative designs, which are individually made and glazed in a range of colours. All these pieces have their own unique personality and need little looking after. Their inspiration is drawn from real sources and reflects the idyllic rural location of Mount Ida Pottery.
Pigs Birds
These are flat ceramic panels glazed in a broad range of earthenware colours. All of the pieces are individually made and therefore the selection you see will vary in shape and size. This amazing and unique collection can be found no where else. They have a hanging ring on the back to place them on the wall.

Flat fish
Size 15-25cm
These interesting little characters are the latest addition to the list of Mount Ida Pottery products. These little fish as you can see come with a tail fins and a big mouth. They are semi spherical and like the flat fish come in an array of colours. You can request them with a shiny or mat finish.

Blob fish
Size 8-15cm - Cost varies according to size