These pieces include a range of decorative designs, which are individually made and glazed in a range of colours. All these pieces have their own unique personality and need little looking after. Their inspiration is drawn from real sources and reflects the idyllic rural location of Mount Ida Pottery.
Pigs Birds
Mount Ida Pottery pigs are a long established ceramic product; in fact they have been around for nearly twenty years. They have brought a smile to many a recipient's face over that time. You may not be aware of it but pigs can do almost anything you want them to. The pigs are pink and can ride motor bicycles, drive tractors or even fly. You can also commission a design of your own for a special friend for that special occasion. You need to specify what you want them to do and a description of the person receiving the pig. For further information contact Trevor.

Feature Pigs
Size 6-8cms
"The Happy Gardener"
"Easy Rider"
"The Whole Hog"
"The Dismount"
"The First Cut"
"The Sad, Sad Song"
"Going into Town"
"The Trumpeter"
"The Big Solo"
"The Prop"
"The Striker"
"Farmer Joe"
"Green Fingers"
"Anyone for Tennis?"